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Kindergarden Skills Checklist

Task Done Initials
Identifies all uppercase letters
Identifies all lowercase letters
Knows consonant letter sounds
Knows long vowel sounds
Knows short vowel sounds
Knows all colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black and brown)
Knows all shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle, oval, diamond, star, heart and hexagon)
Knows all 3D shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder, cone)
Knows current Site Words
Can Count to 100 by 1’s
Can Count to 100 by 5’s
Can Count to 100 by 10’s
Can Identify numbers out of order 0-20
Can write numbers 0-20
Knows Left to Right
Names the Days of the Week
Names the Months of the Year
Can Write First and Last Name
Can Tie Shoes
Names Opposites (up, on, hot, cold, in, out)
Names Rhyming words (cat, bat, bed, red, fun, sun)
Names Patterns – can continue pattern on own:

  • (red/pink/red/pink-AB)
  • (blue/blue/blue/green-AAAB)
  • (yellow/yellow/orange-AAB)
Holds Pencil/Crayon correctly
Uses Scissors correctly
Reads at Grade level (Fountas & Pinnell Level D)
Writes independently (uses sight words, sounds out other words phonetically)

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